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Previous Page Buying, Financing, and Selling a house

Buying a home

  • Buying a home: Overview
    Over the course of one's life, there will be no greater financial commitment made than purchasing a home.
  • Buying a home: FAQs
    What is the most important thing I need to do to buy a home?
  • Should you buy?
    If you're renting a property and are thinking about buying, keep in mind that both renting and buying have their own advantages and drawbacks.
  • Old, new or custom home?
    When considering home ownership, there are three options, each of which brings its own sets of advantages and disadvantages to the table.
  • Agents vs. FSBOs
    Buying a home can be a daunting task, but there are different ways to complete the same journey.
  • Choosing a realtor
    It might make sense to work with a real estate agent who is well acquainted with the community and the things that make that community tick.
  • What neighborhood?
    Personal taste and choice will play a big part in what you expect from a neighborhood, but there will be other factors to consider.
  • Finding a house
    Finding the right home can be like appraising art. You're not sure what it is, it just seems to resonate with you.
  • Making an offer on a home
    Because an oral offer isn't legally binding when it comes to buying and selling real estate, it is essential that the prospective buyer and seller enter into a written contract.
  • Home inspections
    With a purchase as sizable as a home, you'll want to make sure there are no surprises - and no headaches.
  • Checklist for buyers
    Here's a list of things to be aware of during the final walk-through of the property.

Financing Tips

  • Your credit
    Anyone who plans to buy a home must make sure they have no credit problems.
  • How much to spend?
    Whether you can afford the home you've always wanted will boil down to a simple factor: How much you make versus how much you owe.
  • Getting a loan
    You see the home of your dreams and decide to purchase it? Now you need to pay for it.
  • Should you refinance?
    While refinancing may be the right move for many, the important question remains: Is it right for you?

Selling a home

  • Selling overview
    Odds are that if you've ever bought a house, you're either going to need to sell one or you've already sold one.
  • Selling a home: FAQs
    If I hire a real estate agent to help with the sale of my home, what information do I need?
  • Timeline for selling a home
    Each real estate market is unique, which is especially important to remember when trying to figure how long your home might be on the market.
  • Choosing a realtor (when selling)
    Though there are other avenues available, experts consider it critical that someone interested in selling a home locate a Realtor to make sure the matter runs smoothly.
  • Costs of selling
    Putting a home on the market can be an expensive venture, so preparation and planning can help avoid unforeseen costs, which can add up in a hurry.
  • Pricing your home
    Setting an asking price for your home isn't simply a matter of remembering what you paid, marking it up for your own investment and waiting for the offers to roll in.
  • Getting the house ready
    When you prepare to put your home on the market, remember this rule of thumb: If what the buyer can see looks well cared for, he or she will generally assume what they can't see has also been well cared for.
  • Evaluating offers and negotiating
    The dream scenario for someone selling his or her home is a long line of prospective buyers shouting at the top of their lungs in a protracted bidding war for the home.
  • Closing the sale
    Just because you've found a buyer and reached an agreed upon price, it doesn't mean the process is over. Now you have to close the deal.

Relocation & Moving

  • Overview: Relocating
    You have found the house of your dreams, and signed all the mortgage papers. What next?
  • Relocation: FAQs
    Frequeny asked questions about the process of relocating.
  • Moving options
    When it's time to move, you have several options. You can handle the move yourself or turn the moving over to the pros.
  • Moving tips
    Moving is a complicated process. Keeping up with belongings, family members, movers and a number of other tasks can be a daunting proposition.
  • Storing property
    If you are between homes, or have less space available than you need, you may need a storage unit.

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